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About us

The Natural Health Pantry is based in Dubbo, and has been developed to help people who, like me, have come to the realisation that they can no longer cope with the chemicals, preservatives and other nasties that they have been consuming and using on their bodies for far too long. 

I once thought that my family & I had a fairly healthy diet and lifestyle….how wrong I was!  I was struggling with some serious health issues, until a lovely friend of mine gently pointed me in the right direction to a truly nutritious and healthy lifestyle, which has completely turned our lives around. I have witnessed firsthand what an absolute difference a healthy and balanced diet, filled with wholefoods and simple ingredients, can make to your whole life.

 The only dilemma I found with this was not being able to easily source food and products free from chemicals and preservatives without searching all over the internet and ordering from so many different retailers. I found local sources (Dubbo Area) to be quite limited, and due to our regional location, the freight charges added for ordering online were sometimes quite prohibitive.

 At the Natural Health Pantry we believe that everyone is entitled to have access to a wide range and variety of healthy products at an affordable price, from the one place, in order to sustain a natural and healthy lifestyle.

 The Natural Health Pantry aims to provide:

  •             Hard to source Wholefoods
  •             Organics
  •             Natural beauty and body care products
  •             Chemical free cleaning products

The Natural Health Pantry is all about commitment to sourcing and supplying low tox and organic products and supplying them at a price which is going to allow you to change your way of life permanently, rather than just being a fad that is too expensive to sustain.   This may not be as convenient as simply grabbing from the local shop, but if affordability is a priority for you, then this is the place to be!!!

Wishing you the best of health naturally


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